Official  Poc Fada Rules
Rule 1 - The Hurler
(a) The Feighlí Scoir shall make an accurate record of the hurler's score, poc by poc. He must record each poc on the scorecard - immediately as it occurs. A poc is deemed to be taken when the sliotar is struck by the hurler in the contest irrespective of the direction it takes (The Sliotar).

(b) The Feighlí Scoir shall see to it that the hurler when taking the poc does not pass the score-flag or remove it before a poc is taken. Éiric - penalty: the Feighlí scoir shall apply the following penalty if this rule is broken by the hurler and do so from the beginning of the contest in the case of each and every such foul by the hurler. before the next poc immediately following such a foul the Feighlí scoir shall bring back the score-flag by the exact same distance by which the hurler has passed the flag while taking the previous poc. the Feighlí scoir shall apply this penalty strictly throughout.

(c) The Feighlí Scoir shall ensure that there are no undue delays caused by his hurler, members of his Meitheal or others. A reasonable time may be spent searching
for a lost sliothar. the Feighlí scoir may afford facilities for other hurlers in the contest to pass.

(d) The Feighlí Scoir shall indicate to the hurler when a poc may be taken.

(e) The Feighlí Scoir shall check that the hurler's poc goes over the "bunline" at the Corradh on the Céide, at Carn a'Mhadaigh (beannóg a'Mhadaigh) and on the léana Caol (before the ravine at Gabhlan). the Feighlí scoir shall measure only along the line of the course,
the distance between the "bunline" and the hurler's score-flag. before the hurler takes the next poc, the Feighlí scoir shall measure the same distance from the Cualite tosaithe, again along the line of the course and place the hurler's score-flag in position for the next poc.

Rule 2 - An Maor
(a) the Feighlí scoir shall ensure that his Maor and Gasóg keep exactly to the course when the Maor is giving
the "ready" signal to poc.

(b) the Feighlí scoir & Maor shall both be responsible for ensuring that they keep an accurate record of each
score on the scoring cards that they each carry.

(c) the Feighlí scoir shall ensure that each of the hurler's pocs is properly marked with the score-flag however
short the poc may be.

(d) the Maor and the Gasóg shall not move a sliotar at any time and shall report to the Feighlí scoir if they
see others do so.

Rule 3 - The Giolla
(a) the Feighlí scoir shall ensure that the Giolla will make the necessary supply of score-flags available to
the Gasóg, from start to finish.

(b) the Feighlí scoir and the Giolla shall give due consideration to hurlers taking a poc - remaining at a distance and avoiding undue movement or talk at the time.

Rule 4 - The Gasóg
the Feighlí scoir shall ensure that the Gasóg accompanying the Maor watches the flight of each poc,
assists the Maor in finding the sliotar, placing each flag and goes to collect the score-flags from the Giolla.

Rule 5 - The Mountain Road
if the sliotar comes to rest anywhere other than on the road, the Feighlí scoir shall not permit the hurler to bring
the sliothar onto the road for any poc. 

Rule 6 - The hurler's Choice of Position to Poc From
the Feighlí scoir should not permit the hurler to choose a position which is off the line of the course, any further
away from the score-flag than the length of his Camán held out at arm's length. this is a matter of discretion but
must be applied if being abused. 

Rule 7 - spectators
(a) the Feighli scoir shall request spectators, when necessary, to keep at a distance from the play, and to avoid interference with the hurlers progress, or with any of the property in use.

(b) the Feighli scoir should also inform nearby spectators of safety procedures when pocs are being taken,
crossing ravines, using water from streams and pools, and so on. it is the duty of the Feighli scoir to give the
same information to members of the Meitheal and the hurlers.

Rule 8 - Property
(a) the Feighli scoir shall take a share in ensuring the safety of property (stock, fences, stone walls, etc.) on
the mountain and its environs.
(b) the Feighli scoir shall take due care of all poc Fada property, ensuring that each member of the Meitheal
does likewise.

Rule 9 - Réiteoirí
leaving the final score-flag firmly in place, the Feighlí scoir shall promptly submit the score-Card and any other
report to the réiteoirí for scrutiny and verification.


Réiteoirí  = Referees (Records the scores received from the Feighlí scoir, based at the Start/Finish)
Feighlí scoir = Score Keeper
Gasóg = Scout
Giolla = Marker
Maor = Steward (the Marshal that accompanies each hurler)
Camán = Hurling Stick
Sliotar = Hurling Ball
Éiric = Penalty
Poc = Hit - puck (the hitting of the sliotar)
Score-tab = A numbered tab put on the score pole - the number denoting the number of pucks taken. 
Score pole = the pole placed at the sliotar's landing position to record the number of pucks taken.
Meitheal = team - Working group
bunline = end line